Paintings of Places

About Me

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."
Pablo Picasso

Richard W. Young
Who am I?

Seasons. Places. A time of day. My paintings are detailed, realistic works in oil paint on canvas, representing actual geographic locations- a visual record of the special times and places where I have been. Most works are usually done in a studio setting, often assisted by personal photographs.

Born in Asheville, NC, in the shadow of the Great Smokies, I spent my youth in rural Upshur County, West Virginia. There I was always fascinated by the picturesque, changing landscape and seasons. I have lived the last three decades in the shelter of the inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

After a career as a public schools art instructor, I am now completing a painting each week, refining technique and capturing the endless variations in the landscape around me.

I reach for what I feel and see. Painting substance and edges. Using small brushes to create crisp, clean details that become roads and rivers- thin avenues leading the viewer home, or on into the unknown. Fences- marking boundaries, protecting spaces. Trees and mountains- hovering…. brooding, keeping vigilance. A living, changing landscape.

Following in the time-honored tradition of naturalistic rendering, I am inspired by the likes of Frederick Church and Albert Bierstadt, the Hudson River School of landscape artists, Edward Hopper, and such American western painters as Charles Russell and Frederic Remington. I work to reproduce light and shadow, distance and drama, the real and the mysterious.

I attend weekly critiques and annual exhibits with the Firnew Farm Artists Circle (in Madison County, Virginia). During the past decade this has encouraged a steady growth and improvement in my work, so that my paintings are currently included in domestic and international collections, both private and corporate.