Works in upcoming show at Woodberry Forest School September 1 - October 31!

About Me

Artist's Statement

Using oils on canvas, I carefully craft each scene, each specific place, each season, each time of day. I reach for the drama, the mood, the details unique to the places I visit and have lived. Roads, rivers, and fences are both barriers and avenues, leading the eye to travel through each scene. 

Although I sometimes work plein air, I usually refer to photos to finish works in the studio. Clean edges, details, heightened contrasts, often layers of tonal glazes, all work together to complete each finished piece. The intention is that each work will provide a pleasing sense of identity and connection. 


Born in Asheville, North Carolina, I grew up in the hills of West Virginia. I have lived the intervening years in the Alleghenies of Bath County and the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. So the hills and hollows, with their changing seasons, have always been a part of each day. Following a satisfying first career as a school art teacher, I am now into my long-anticipated painting career, depicting the beautiful natural world around me. 


In my detailed, realistic style, I am continually influenced by time-honored landscapists such as Frederick Church, Albert Bierstadt, and the Hudson River school of artists. Their abilities to depict distance and drama, light and shadow, the real and the mysterious, always inspire me. Working with the Madison, Virginia based Firnew Farm Artists Circle has further refined and honed my skills.